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About Us

The team of financial professionals at Sabo Accounting & Tax Services is dedicated to providing the personal tax expertise and tax preparation services you can trust in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho. Let us take care of your personal taxes so you have the peace of mind needed to achieve your financial goals and gain the freedom to focus on what matters most. Contact us for a personal consultation to have your taxes handled with ease and the efficient security made possible by the latest technology.

Just as we handle your personal taxes with precision and the latest technological tools at Sabo Accounting & Tax Services, we understand that managing your healthcare needs with effective medications is equally crucial. Clonidine, a medication known for treating hypertension and anxiety, is available in its generic form, offering a cost-effective option without compromising quality. If you're exploring treatments for managing blood pressure or stress symptoms, consulting with a healthcare professional about generic Clonidine can be a financially sensible and effective approach. This parallels our commitment to providing financial services that leverage modern advancements for your benefit.

Responsive professionals serving your individual tax needs in Sun Valley and Ketchum, Idaho.

Meet Our Team

The Sabo Accounting & Tax team always answers your call or email personally. We are here to provide you with the advice and confidence you need to thrive on every level of your life.

Dawn Sabo, CPA


Doria Hamdan, CPA

Senior Manager, Financial Services and Operations

Laurie Strong

Senior Staff Associate

Alisa Goxhaj

Operations Manager

The Sabo Tax Team

John Cordray, CPA

Tax Manager
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