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Grocery Store Financial Management: Chart of Accounts with Example COA Template and Account Hierarchy

Grocery store owners face competition from big box retailers, are buried under processes, and lose time to error-prone manual inventory management. From financial losses to customers going elsewhere, the impact of poor inventory management is huge. If you ran a grocery store, would you randomly place items on shelves? This would create a poor customer […]

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Leverage Guide, Examples, Formula for Financial & Operating Leverage

Investors can use the change in EBIT divided by the change in sales revenue to estimate what the value of DOL might be for different levels of sales. This allows investors to estimate profitability under a range of scenarios. The DOL is calculated by dividing the contribution margin by the operating margin. For example, the […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Accounting: Mastering Taxes for Startups

Yes, Chase offers a variety of business banking products, including merchant services, business credit cards, and business loans. Chase is also partnered with several business software providers, like Touch Bistro, Fusebill, and Fiskl. Chase business checking accounts have lower minimum opening deposit requirements than U.S. If you want to open a checking account with no […]

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What Is an Invoice Number & How to Design a Numbering System?

This approach works well even if you issue a dozen or more monthly invoices. The simplest way to use invoice numbers is to choose a starting number like 100 and add 10 to it each time. The first invoice you send would be numbered 100, and the second invoice number would be 110. Without a […]

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Bank Reconciliation Definition & Example of Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing accounting records to a bank statement to identify differences and make adjustments or corrections. In the case of personal bank accounts, like checking accounts, this is the process of comparing your monthly bank statement against your personal records to make sure they match. Many banks allow you to […]

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