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When Someone You Love has an Addiction

December 20, 2022

Setting boundaries protects your personal health and well-being, is more likely to help your addicted loved one, and can help ensure that you’ll be satisfied with the relationship as well. It is important to set ground rules for your relationship, especially when you believe your partner may be developing or actively suffering loving an addict from a substance use disorder. Boundaries are clearly outlined expectations or rules set forth so that both partners know what behaviors are acceptable. The first goal is to understand addiction and its potential effects on your household and relationships. This is also the case if your loved one is in recovery.

Exploring the Intersection of Addiction and Mental Health:

loving an addict

For many who have spent years giving to others, especially when taking care of the active alcoholic or addict in your life, asking for help becomes a foreign idea. Part of practicing self-care is learning to ask for help. If you slip up on some of the commitments you make to yourself during this time, it’s okay, and you can continue moving forward without being too hard on yourself.

loving an addict

Using love as a tool for avoidance

  • It’s important to remember that you didn’t cause the addiction.
  • No matter what an addict says or promises, they are only driven by their desire to continue using, and there’s not much of anything you can do to change that.
  • An important first step in helping your partner is understanding their substance use.
  • Tuesday’s verdict, meanwhile, hardly ends the first son’s legal problems.
  • I instantly feel relieved, like i can be supportive from a distance, instead of feeling hurt & heartbroken again & trying to change this situation.
  • Love addiction looks a little different from person to person.

Some of these manipulations include lying, cheating, blaming, raging and guilt-tripping others, as well as becoming depressed or developing other kinds of emotional or physical illnesses. Even though the addict has undoubtedly contributed his or her share of the trouble, in some way you also have a part to play in what is going on. For example, you might be keeping the “drama” going by lending money to your addicted loved one. Or perhaps you are always willing to be there to listen when they tell you all about the problems they are encountering as consequences of their addictive behaviors. Earlier Tuesday, after just a few hours of deliberations, a jury found the president's son guilty of all three felony counts stemming from his purchase and possession of a gun while he was addicted to crack cocaine.

loving an addict

Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: How to Help Them and Yourself

I told him that this time I will not be coming to his unless he texts me or phones first. He said he felt shame coming home with me being there.There is the anxiety of where he is, if is he being faithful, but I am learning to always have a plan B. I am looking forward to getting on with my to do list, binge watched a few TV dramas and even making plans to do the concert by myself tomorrow,mas. I doubt he’ll let me down.You see, I reckon this is my life with him. I don’t know your age, but for us, we are 60 years old and so I don’t have to worry about him being there as a dad to my children, or being financially dependent on him. When there is a shift, and he becomes moody, angry or could financially sink me, then I’m out.

loving an addict

  • If you can understand why you are in this type of relationship and unravel the life events which helped you get here; then you can start to work on your part which contributes to this troubling relationship dynamic.
  • Some of these methods may seem harsh, but they come from a loving approach with the ultimate goal to help the person overcome their addiction and to help all parties heal.
  • It is also possible that the adult co-addict or codependent is aware of the abusive relationship they endured which imprinted their lack of sense of self.

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  • A first step toward this vitally important goal is to recognize, establish, and maintain boundaries that hold everyone involved accountable for their own actions.
  • That doesn’t mean they didn’t love you before their addiction, and it doesn’t mean they can’t return to loving you, but when you’re in the midst of addiction, that’s your priority.
  • Once you end the enabling and learn how to say no, you can truly begin to help your loved one.
  • Lean on the people around you, and, if you need to, reach out to a mental health professional to speak about your stress and what you're going through.
  • What I do know is that when he is ready to change direction, I’ll be there, with love, compassion and a fierce commitment to stand beside him in whatever way he needs to support his recovery.
  • Stick to your boundaries, and seek support if you find them being repeatedly crossed.

Cultivating Compassion in the Relationship

Addiction Destroys Dreams, We Can Help

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